//Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

The Sweet Dumps Moving Checklist for Before and After You Move

Please follow our moving checklist for tips to prepare you for your move. Also, print a copy of this page for yourself to keep track of what steps to take and check them off as you go through each one.

Stay Organized – Set dates to accomplish each step on this list to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed and rushed at the last minute for your move.

Start Cleaning out the Closets – Start cleaning out your closets and get rid of the clothes you no longer want or need. Make the time to donate clothes in good condition to Deseret Industries or Goodwill.

moving checklist
  • Go Room to Room Assessing and Cleaning – Set up a list of the rooms in your house or apartment and begin going from one to the next to throw away anything unnecessary or separate to a pile for a garage sale.
  • Purchase Moving Supplies – Now that you’ve assessed what is going with you, purchase the boxes, bags, wraps, sheets, protectors, box stuffing, tape, labels, and box cutters that you will need to make packing easy.
  • Transfer school records – Talk to the school about transferring your children’s school records prior to your move to make it an easy transition for your kids.
  • Change of Address – Fill out your change of address at the U.S. Postal Office online. Don’t forget changes to local businesses, credit cards, and other directories you’re connected with as well.
  • Pack Non-Essentials – Pack things that you don’t use often including seasonal items and things sitting out in your garage you haven’t used in the past year.
  • Clear Out the Fridge / Freezer the Fun Way – It’s a good idea to start eating your extra food stuffs, especially what’s in your fridge and freezer to keep from worrying about keeping your food cold during your move. Trust us, it’s far too much of a hassle with the hustle and bustle on your actual moving day.
  • Pack your Plates Vertically – Don’t let them break by stacking them on top of each other.
  • Labeling – Color code or number and mark boxes by room accordingly so we can get your boxes and things to the proper rooms as quick as possible.
  • Schedule Vacation Time at Work – Prepare to take a little time off to move into your new home.
  • Cancel Newspaper and Magazine deliveries to your current address.
  • Confirm Your Move Information with Us – Let’s make sure your move in date and insurance information is all correct a little before your move.
  • Note the Condition of Valuables – Take note to ensure there’s no damage taken to your valuables and expensive items such as glass, furniture, china, etc.
  • Child Safety – Help your kids remember their new address by writing it on their boxes.
  • Ensure all Prescriptions are Filled – It’s always a good idea to stay on top of yours and your children’s medicine prior to a move.
    Have your bedding on hand.
  • Defrost the Fridge and Freezer – Keep them clean and make sure they smell good after the move as well!
  • Take your phone book with you.
  • Back Up Your Computer – Protect valuable information stored on your computer.
  • Pay Your Bills – Pay them ahead of time while you’re still thinking about it.
  • Keep Money on Hand – Extra expenses happen during every move. Be prepared with some extra cash on hand or an available credit balance.
  • Share Your Phone Number – Give your number to the new residents of your home or manager of your apartment complex for forwarding information.
  • Protect Your Valuables – Take special care of small valuables and items with important memories.
  • Keep Your Necessities Accessible – Toiletries, toilet paper, tooth brush, soap, cups or water bottles, paper plates, paper towels, cleaning supplies, simple cooking necessities, telephone, and other key items should be readily accessible. Tell us which boxes we should load last so you can have access to them immediately.
  • Take Care of Your Lamps – Remove the bulbs from your lamps.
  • Garage sale kickoff. Make ready to sell everything you don’t want or need.
  • Suitcases – Have each family member pack a temporary bag for necessities to have on hand during the move.
  • Save Your Pet from Stress – Have someone watch your pet.
  • Let Your Computer Rest – Let your computer cool off before use.