//How to Use a Dumpster

How to Use a Dumpster

For home owner’s looking to clean up a larger amount of trash than the weekly trash pickup crew allows, dumpsters are an amazingly affordable option to offer sufficient trash removal.

Whether you’re trying to clean out the garage, clear out for moving, or are simply working on a project at home that require junk removal then Sweet Dumps Dumpster rental service is the best in the Fort Worth area. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service backed by the friendly, easy, and convenient process of renting a dumpster in Fort Worth, TX.

What Dumpster Size Should You Get

Dumpster rentals come in varying sizes, but did you know that the majority of home owner’s have more than enough space with a 20 yard dumpster? Weight and materials has a greater affect on rental costs than dumpster size. Plus, renting a 10 yard dumpster might just be too small. To discuss the right dumpster size you should get, contact our dumpster rental office in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 677-0040.

Dumpster Rentals Are Great For Safe Junk Removal

Dumpster rentals make for safe and convenient ways to get rid of a variety of materials that you can’t throw into a regular trash bin for the weekly pickup.

Rather than deal with sorting hazardous, sharp, or broken materials and objects that could cause harm, rent a dumpster that’s safe to just toss everything into while at the same time being quick and easy for cleanup projects where you don’t want to take the time to manually sort into the proper bins. It also doesn’t have to sit in your garage all week either. Simply call us to schedule your drop off and pick up times for your Fort Worth dumpster.

Prohibited Items

While dumpster rentals are a great way to get rid of unwanted junk, trash, and things you no longer need, some items are not allowed to be disposed of through one of our dumpsters.

The following items are prohibited to be put in a Sweet Dumps dumpster:

  • Batteries
  • Biohazard or medical waste
  • Concrete
  • Dry paint cans
  • Gas or oil
  • Liquids (including any solvents or chemicals)
  • Propane tanks

By avoiding putting these items in your dumpster rental, you protect yourself physically and lawfully with the State of Texas.

What Can You Put In A Dumpster?

There’s plenty of things that you can get rid of with when renting a dumpster at Sweet Dumps.

  • Bed mattresses and furniture
  • Construction debris
  • Garbage
  • Landscaping clean up
  • Plastics
  • Roofing materials
  • Wood

If you have a question about anything you want to throw away, feel free to ask us when you call to schedule your dumpster rental drop off.