Moving Checklist

The Sweet Dumps Moving Checklist for Before and After You Move Please follow our moving checklist for tips to prepare you for your move. Also, print a copy of this page for yourself to keep track of what steps to take and check them off as you go through each one. Stay Organized – Set dates to accomplish each step on this list to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed and rushed at the last minute for your move. Start Cleaning out the Closets – Start cleaning out your closets and get rid of the clothes you no longer want or need. Make the time to donate clothes in good condition to Deseret Industries or Goodwill. Go [...]

How to Use a Dumpster

For home owner’s looking to clean up a larger amount of trash than the weekly trash pickup crew allows, dumpsters are an amazingly affordable option to offer sufficient trash removal. Whether you’re trying to clean out the garage, clear out for moving, or are simply working on a project at home that require junk removal then Sweet Dumps Dumpster rental service is the best in the Fort Worth area. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service backed by the friendly, easy, and convenient process of renting a dumpster in Fort Worth, TX. What Dumpster Size Should You Get Dumpster rentals come in varying sizes, but did you know that the majority of home owner's have more [...]

How Clutter Affects Your Brain

Correlating Mess with Stress: How Clutter Affects Your Brain Whether you have realized it or not, stress can rapidly build up and affect your mood, ability to concentrate, and even cause depression with a list of other symptoms. Even though it's coming up on winter time, Spring cleaning should never be left to only Spring. Keeping your home clean (and yes, that includes the garage, indoor and outdoor storage, and the room you like to avoid) should be a priority to maintain your mental and physical health. Clutter - Why It's Bad for Your Brain Did you know that your brain is constantly taking visual snapshots of everything around you in your home? Simply close your eyes and envision your [...]

Moving and Need to Rent a Dumpster

Moving can be an exhausting experience. But with some time, a some dedicated spaces, thorough organization, and the right tools/supplies, you can handle it more easily. No packing on moving day!! It’s called Moving Day for a reason, not Packing Day. There will be so many demands on your time and attention on Moving Day that the last thing you want to worry about is packing the last boxes. So let’s get started with lists and tips that will take you from the months before to the night after. Before Packing, Plan your way to a successful Moving Day This is the easier part where you get to use your head more than your body. Although you won’t be sore when [...]

How To Declutter Your Home

It's easy for homes to become over-cluttered with things acquired for projects, necessary purchases, one-time use, or things that you just might have a use for someday that you wouldn't want to have to replace. While it's okay to hold onto some things in life, it's also very healthy to declutter your home once in awhile. We've put together this how-to declutter your home plan to assist in deciding what is worth keeping, what should go, and where it should go. De-cluttering Suggestions for Homeowners First off there are several categories that we need to divide our belongings into for separation. They are: What to Keep: Some things really are worth holding onto. These include keepsakes, familial treasures, photos, videos of [...]

Why You Should Rent Your Own Dumpster

Choosing whether to rent a dumpster in Fort Worth or hire a company to provide full-service junk removal can seem difficult to decide on as a homeowner. Do it yourself trash removal can be a great way to save money if you have the time, especially in the Fort Worth area. Depending on the volume and type of debris that needs to be removed, it may be a much better option to rent a dumpster rather than hire a trash removal company. When you rent a dumpster for yourself you can save quite a bit on the labor costs required to fill the dumpster, which can become quite expensive depending upon the volume and weight of the material. With a company [...]