//Common Items That Can’t Go In The Dumpster

Common Items That Can’t Go In The Dumpster

If you’re the person in your home who is generally responsible for taking trash out to the dumpster, how often do you think through what is actually being thrown away? You might not have been the culprit to toss away those old batteries, but you should be aware of what your family is tossing in the trash that might be prohibited in the dumpster. Here are a few things that should never go out with the trash: 

  • Non-alkaline batteries
  • Leftover paint, inks or resins
  • Oils and fuels 

It might seem like no big deal if you toss a few of these out here or there, but If these things make their way into the dumpster and ultimately end up in your local landfill, they can jeopardize the quality of the air and water around you. 

Non-Alkaline Batteries

Since most batteries are smaller than the size of your finger, it might not seem like such a big deal to toss them in with the rest of the trash. The issue with throwing out batteries though, is that many batteries contain mercury, lead, or cadmium, all of which are toxic metals. Lithium-ion batteries from phones or laptops that are thrown out can even cause a fire to start in the garbage truck or at the landfill itself if they are crushed on impact. 

Battery recycling facilities exist to properly and safely dispose of batteries that would otherwise get thrown into the trash. It might feel like just one more thing to do around your house, but safely disposing of your batteries is a big deal that can make a difference in the quality of life around you. 

Paints, Inks, and Resins

When you get to the bottom of a bucket of paint or resin, or the last bit of some ink, it might seem like an obvious fix to throw it in the dumpster along with your other trash, but please resist the urge. Paint cans, inks and resins never belong in a regular dumpster. As with batteries and anything else you throw out, their toxic properties can seep into the air and land around you, affecting the quality of soil and water supply. You might think it’s only a problem for people who live nearer to the landfill to be concerned with, but in reality these toxins can spread fast and far and you don’t want to be a contributing factor to their impact on the environment.  

A better course of action is to check with your local resources to see if there is a paint recycling program that would take your leftover paint for you or to handle your dried out paint can. Many office supply stores such as Best Buy and Staples offer ink cartridge recycling and may even give you cash back on a purchase when you bring in your used ink cartridges!

Oils And Fuels

Hopefully it doesn’t need to be said, but oil and fuel can never be disposed of alongside household trash into a dumpster. Not only are they terrible for the environment as they pollute the air and can jeopardize the water supply around you, but they can also cause health issues if you breathe in too much of their fumes. 

Your local hazardous waste removal firm will know how to dispose of oil and fuel properly and may even pick it up for you. If you aren’t sure what to do with leftover oil or fuel, err on the side of caution and leave it to the professionals.

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