//Contractors: A Short Guide to Dumpster Rentals and Heavy Materials

Contractors: A Short Guide to Dumpster Rentals and Heavy Materials

Whether just starting your own business or managing a chain, the one thing that contractors need to have is an economic and trustworthy source to dispose of waste. Either building homes or working with businesses to remodel, the byproduct of waste can cause a lot of unneeded stress. The Fort Worth Metroplex is a bustling area with a lot of useful waste disposal services, but the one thing a contractor needs to know is how the type and weight of a material affects the disposal process. With dumpster rentals, all of this is either taken care of for you or you are handed the tools needed to make waste disposal as smooth and cost effective as possible. 

The most common heavy materials you find at a construction site are brick, roofing materials, stone, and concrete. These materials usually end up costing you extra if you are unaware of the proper disposal techniques and how each material degrades as they age. 

Shingles and Other Roofing Materials and How Age Affects Them

For anyone who has worked on a roof or had to haul away the debris of replacing one, shingles and sheathing quickly add up in weight. When you order a Roll Off Dumpster rental, the company you use will ask the appropriate questions and make sure you get the correct size of dumpster and price check for proper disposal. 

A useful tip when attempting to estimate the weight of shingles you will need to dispose of is to take a single shingle bundle weight and multiply it by the amount of shingles bundles needed to cover the area in question. Of course, if you are going to have multiple layers, factor that in as well. The thing to note is shingles degrade with age, causing the weight of a new shingle to vary from an older one. This leads to an estimate of weight on the high side and gives you some room to avoid extra charges for going over your weight allowed. Keep in mind that each type of shingle varies in weight and material, so calculations will vary per project.

Brick, Stone, and Concrete

From doing a full scale demolition project to replacing an old and beat up driveway, those heavy materials start to add up quickly. With dumpster rentals, it makes that disposal quick, easy, and cheaper. Hauling brick, stone, and concrete to the dump yourself usually runs you at least $300 dollars in Fort Worth, and that’s before the truck rentals, gas, and time. If you happen to have your own truck already, the wear and tear alone from these unforgiving materials make it worth looking into dumpster rentals. 

If you are still on the fence about renting a roll of dumpster, try giving Sweet Dumps a call. We provide quick and friendly customer service, free estimates, and knowledgeable feedback to help any contractor stay on track and on budget. We are a locally owned and family operated business that wants you to have a great experience with dumpster rental.