//4 Ways Dumpster Rental Protects The Environment

4 Ways Dumpster Rental Protects The Environment

Dumpsters are probably not something you spend much time thinking about, outside of your quick trips to toss in a bag of garbage. But when the time comes and you need a dumpster for debris from your own projects whether you are landscaping, renovating, or cleaning out and downsizing before a move, you’ll be glad that your waste has a specific destination. Too often, people toss out bags of garbage, not considering what they are throwing away, where it will end up, or how it’s going to affect their own quality of life. Here are 4 ways using a roll-off dumpster makes it easy to prevent harmful waste practices:

  • Reduces landfill overflow and toxic dumping
  • Encourages recycling and repurposing materials
  • Complies with local regulations
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Issues like waste burning and the amount of trash that ends up in ditches, rivers and around your city can be lessened by renting a roll-off for your next landscaping project. It might take a little extra effort on your part to request a dumpster but it’s well worth your effort!

Proper Waste Disposal Reduces Landfill Overflow

When you toss a bag of trash into your garbage bin, it’s then hauled off to the local landfill, and left to sit and rot away. Typically, trash is layered with drainage and liner systems to aid in the decomposition process. Part of the problem though is that landfills take in so much non-recyclable trash every year that they are prone to overflowing, making it extremely difficult to decompose as quickly as it should.

By sorting your household rubbish properly into what can be recycled and what should actually go to a landfill, you will be doing a small part in making a difference in how much waste ends up in your local landfill, affecting the quality of air and water around you. 

Recycling And Repurposing Of Materials

Dumpster rentals help with recycling by providing a means to transport trash and recyclables alike to a sorting center, where items that can be recycled are sent to a recycling center. With an estimated over 250 million tons of trash produced in America, it is important to do anything we can to help reduce the amount of materials that end up in a landfill, rather than being properly sorted for recycling. 

Compliance With Local Regulations

Cities have their own guidelines for what goods are supposed to be recycled, the different recycling classes, and what is allowed to be thrown into the trash and ultimately end up at the landfill. 

When you rent a dumpster for any projects you can feel confident that the contents you toss in will end up in the proper place, whether that’s a recycling center where the recyclable materials will be sorted into their proper classes or the landfill where the garbage will be left to pile up and decompose. 

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Noticeable or not, we all leave a carbon footprint behind us. A carbon footprint is anything from the fumes your car leaves as you speed down the road to how often you use the heater in your home or the type of lighting you opt for. 

A dumpster rental can help reduce the amount of trips you would otherwise take to a landfill, particularly if you’re working on a big project. It might not seem like a much, but over time trips add up, as well as the fuel and other resources needed for accessing the landfill and recycling centers. 

Dumpster Rental Near You

As you make plans for your next big project, think about how you can do your part to help make the world around you a little cleaner. A dumpster rental from Sweet Dumps will provide you with professional, quick service from delivery, to pick up, as well as the comfort of knowing your expendables were responsibly disposed of. Call Sweet Dumps today at 817-677-0040 to request an environmentally better option for your next big project!